Monday, September 5, 2016

You are stooooo-pid

Being a Security Officer in Las Vegas, Nevada can help a budding Sociologist, Psychiatrist or Psychologist (same difference just more days in school). Because all the time you spend working in a casino you will come to the conclusion that people are absolutely STOOOO-PID! You are stooooo-pid.

Tell me: How can a parent let their children walk around a casino unsupervised? With the kind of people that are there. Then, get mad when Security comes knocking on their room door to inform them that its against the law to let "underage minors go unsupervised in any gambling establishment." Ya'll got some goddamn nerve. We're trying to help yo ass out. Security Officers aren't the problem, because if the police are visiting a casino and you act like you don't care what your bastards are doing on the casino floor. The police will give you a ticket and Child Protective services will come and take your kids. No lie. If it seems like children are abandon, they will take 'em. So watch your goddamn bastard kids.

I can say alot about children in the casinos but it may make me look like the kind of person that hates children. I do, but its not the kids fault for that. It's all about the parents. Da parents. I hate people that have kids and set them loose in society and get angry at folks who remind them that they have to discipline, supervise, and actually, raise those children. Casinos are not playgrounds for children to run around in and for Security to waste their time dealing with those disrespectful bastards you have. Because children lie to Security. They lie, lie, and lie so more. And, how they dress is the only thing that separates them from the animals. Oh, and another thing, if your 15 year old daughter has big boobs and can fill out a pair of jeans like a 25 year old and act like she can handle some dick. She gonna get some dick. Might be mine, might not. But, somebody in the casino is gonna try to give her some dick though. With the right lawyer, any guy can get off (sorry for the pun) with the proverbial, "she told me she was 21." Yes, for real. I've spoken with a few guys at casinos, and regular bars, in the past and they said they ran into that situation before. 
1-Right lawyer. 
2-Stick with your story. 
3-Go home with a slap on the wrist. 

By the way, Security Officers get blame for that too, because we allowed such a thing to happen. We get blamed for everything.

Oh well, to prevent what I am talking about take birth control dammit! Pull out. Leave them at home with John Wayne Gacy...something. Look, I have to go to bed now. Will have more stories from a Security Officer later.