Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Well, here I am at the Palms resort casino. When I first got there it was okay, but being part time at 20 hours weekly at $12.26 hourly, does not exactly pay the bills. You know, I have 3 jobs in total to make up for the pitiful work hours I have with the Palms. 

Anyway, this past weekend was one of the busiest in months at the Palms, which was good for business, but not enough Security Officers to work it. For example, when there is overtime offered. Don't expect anybody from Day shift to come and help. Those bastards won't ever help out the Swing or Grave  shifts for any reason (I know its a choice but security officers need each other more than other departments). Hell, word at work is "don't rely on the Day shift officers. They will never help out". I'm finding it to be true. Most of those old fucks won't quit so guys who could really prosper with the Day hours can the Day hours. I don't like those guys. If they ever ask me to help out, I'll make a deal for them to come to Graveyard to help out. Damn, I lost my thinking.

This past weekend we had the UFC fight at the Pearl, and I was posted at Palms Place lobby to check Door Keys. Well, been there for only a lousy 10 minutes and my first guest I ask to see his door key. He says, "I didn't see you ask for their keys." Now I know I shouldn't respond to a childish remark from a fuck head guest but I did. "Sir, as you can see the key is right there in their hand, and they just come from the Front desk." That did not make him happy at all. So, while he showed me his key and walked off, Jojo the Bellman walked up. (I haven't seen Jojo in about a month. We started work there together) so Jojo and I punched fists and said to each other "so it begins". Mind you, I quickly wrote that last customer off like always because I don't care about these goddamn jackasses. Would you believe that man heard me and claimed I was referring to him and what had transpired with him. Jojo looked at me and I looked back thinking, "What da fuck now?" He said, "You're talking about me, huh?" I said, "Sir, I'm not referring to you about anything. I was talking to my friend whom I haven't seen in about month" (i really don't have to say anything that detail but screw it). He says, "I want to speak to a manager about this." I responded quickly, "The Hotel manager is right there at the desk, there you go." And, off he went......bitch. I don't have time for this shit. 

I go back to Jojo and we continued to talk and he ask me what was that. I told him, all I ask was for his Door Key and he gets outta shape by referring to me that I didn't ask the people in front of him. When of course I did (when people leave the front desk from checking in, you watched it go down. Why ask for the key when you ca see it in their hand?

Well, he went to the Assistant Hotel Manager to complain about absolutely nuthin', and the manager used to work Nightlife Security so he knows this guy is all about nuthin'. After about 20 minutes worth of talking, he finally went to his room. The manager told me don't even worry about it because he's not furthering the subject. (Majority of guests assholes don't even further complaints unless they want some kinda comp). Can you believe I was 10 minutes at my post....10 minutes. Then this.

till next time.