Saturday, August 6, 2016

Unionize NOW!

Here's something to make you say Whhhhaaaaatt? UNION. That's right, UNION

Security Officers are the most needed employees in this town. The only thought when it comes to unions is Jimmy Hoffa, and the Mafia (what Mafia, there's no such thing). Even during the time of Hoffa, people were in better shape thanks to the union he helped formed. Just forget about the other little things that were involved during the creation and workings, you will realize that the so-called dead end jobs were now hard-working, respectful jobs. Security Officers were very much respected when the mafia were in control. Security said not to do something, people listened. Now, you get cursed out 'cause the general public are a bunch of assholes and dickheads. You can be as nice as possible and you people treat us like shit. Last year people realize that Security Officers positions are pretty much recession proof but nobody respects you enough to pay you a livable wage. No matter where you go in this town or the state of Nevada, somebody, somewhere, needs a Security Officer. The main bullshitters in Las Vegas are the casinos, due to the Gaming Commission, casinos must have Security to take care of the casino floor by taking the money earned from the day and tips from dealers to the vaults, this is where a Union could come in handy. Security have so many things to do and be concern with they always have to stop everything to collect money that they don't even get a part of. Wasn't Steve Wynn the man who said that "he did not like having Security in his casino". ask? Because Security Officers don't make money. Not to mention, if an Officer does something that even looks wrong, a dumb-ass can call the Human Resources and file a complaint on that Officer. You can get suspended for looking like you are reading a newspaper. No kidding, look like. Get it, "looks like". For those who are reading this maybe thinking to themselves that that can never be a reason to be suspended or fired. You come here and work as a Security Officer in this town, you will find out for yourself. Right now, I am telling everybody I come across and Nevada Job Connect, "don't be sending people to the Wynn/Encore hotel. They will not last under the current rule with the new Director of Security. They'll be coming back searching for another in a couple of months."

It's just amazing to me that the Dealers have an union, the cooks have a union, Janitors have a union, but the people who are most deserving of being unionized are the most Abused, Disrespected, Overlooked, Underpaid, and Blamed on: Security Officers. Some people born here haven't a problem with not being unionized; they are called snitches, rat bastards, retards, backstabbers, or simply put, punk-ass-scaredy-cat-bitches. They will tell on you, and yours, to HR like it is their duty to talk about you. It seems as if, they can't mind their goddamn business. Why is that? Do grown people have to tell on others like kindergarten kids running around trying to be the classroom pet. This is why a legitimate union that provides proper training, can weed out the weak ass bitches. "What this town needs is an enema", is the exact words from the Joker when talking about Las Vegas. To not be Unionized in Las Vegas, Nevada is a damn shame. Here's something nobody knows about, there is a National Security Officer Union, and in 2010, said organization was holding their convention here. That's right the SPFPA (International Union, Security, Police, Fire Professionals of America) 15th Constitutional Convention at the Rio All Suites Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. The keynote speaker will be the Lieutenant Colonel Rob Waldo Waldman from the Air Force. This is something all current Security officers should be apart of, the unionization of Security professionals in Las Vegas, Nevada no matter the cost. If the Security staff in Los Angeles, California got together to form a union against Kaiser Permanente hospitals last year to get higher wages and better Healthcare. Then, add a new minimum wage set for all new Officers. Finally, full quality healthcare for themselves and their families with the hospital they protect. All this with the company Securitas (they suck balls) and the SEIU (Service Employees International Union). Impressive.

Back in 2008, SEIU Security Officers in Los Angeles Local 2006 voted to approve its first ever union contract. Considered the best ever of its kind in the country, raising total compensation-wages and healthcare-by nearly 40 percent. It has everything an Officer have always been talking about secretly while employed; guaranteed annual pay increases, paid sick days, holidays and vacations, affordable healthcare and more importantly, increased training and a career ladder to professionalize the industry. Which of course, is very needed in Las Vegas. There are so many goons who think they deserve their positions as Director of Security, when in fact they don't know jack shit about how to run any Security Accounts. With that contract, SEIU and Robert Maguire, CEO of Maguire properties have each pledged $500,000 toward establishing a training center for private Security Officers in South Los Angeles. To get rid of the "You get what you paid for" mentality in Security, now Officers will be trained to the fullest before being set on into the public. This is the type of facility needed in Las Vegas, for the union to control and distribute Officers to appropriate casinos, construction sites, hospitals, and the like, after proper training. Instead, of the private businesses who hired a multitude of people and fit them in uniforms, don't train them at all, but will fire you as fast as a texted complaint reaches them. A person could lie their butt off and an Officer is fired. In Los Angeles, since 2008, nearly 70% of Security Officers are African-Americans, just that alone proves to the fact that a person can be fired for nothing. You can imagine the percentage of African-Americans in the Security profession in Las Vegas has got to be more, if not, equal to Los Angeles. Facts are facts, African-Americans are in the Security profession and are most to not have a livable wage given to them due to the profession of choice and their color. Las Vegas is known to have the most racist people living here.

Therefore, let me leave with that on your mind, because next time around we will talk about the hiring process in this town. About how not being able to get the good jobs due to nepotism and racism, after all, Las Vegas was consider the Mississippi of the West. If people can't get Black people the old way, then, do it administratively. By making sure they have all the low-wage, dead-end jobs Las Vegas can offer. 

Stay in touch my peeps, because I got more.


Those who know me say I am a good person with a heart of compassion for the job. Those who do not wish they did. These are my stories from the city of sin.

After living in Las Vegas, Nevada for the past 3 and half years (13 now), I think I have read every little piece of free, and paid for literature this town has to offer. Each one has something to say about casinos, hotels, office buildings, and workers in casinos; mainly Hospitality. I have yet to see any article or subject matter speaking on the most important, yet least favorite, least appreciated, underpaid, and overwork employees in hospitality; Security Officers. There is nothing. Zilch. Nada. Zero.

If you ask anyone, they will say the same thing, nobody talks about the Security Officers around this town. In addition, to think, everywhere you turn there is a Security Officer standing at his/her post somewhere in Las Vegas and the whole of Clark County. Face it, Security Officers are everywhere in this town, so why people won't pay them a decent livable wage. With that in mind, working in Security, is slightly similar to real Law enforcement, it is one of the recession proof jobs in Las Vegas even though your bosses do not want to pay you a real salary. Nobody appreciates, nor respect, a Security Officer; yet, we have to learn so much about being one. The training is non stop; CPR, First Aid, Radio transmissions, Dispatching, Firearms, Handcuffs, Evacuation, and the worst of all Customer Service. All in a days shift. Amazing isn't it? (You don't care), I bet the only thing you have to know at your job is how to count money and where the bathroom is. To have so much responsibility and to get starting pay at the lowest of minimum wage at most companies. If you are an Armed Officer, then you can expect a little bit more on the pay scale (any tactical training is usually out of your own pocket). This reminded me that the hardest working people in your neighborhood gets the crappiest and lowest pay of everyone around you, Teachers, Teacher Assistants, Bus drivers, and Maintenance crews.

Back to Security, one thing I truly noticed about being employed as a Security Officer at one of the Strip s most luxurious hotel/casino. People from all lifestyles treat you as if they just step in 3-day-old pig manure. NO RESPECT whatsoever. You get more comments on why you have this job, than, thank you's. When something happens, who they call first? It damn sure is not Ghostbusters, its Security. With my belief of how bad the people around here are, I believe if a person could getaway with spitting in the face of a Security Officer, they will do it. If the Security Officer responds by kicking the ass of said person, he/she would be fired with no support from the desk of upper management. If that happens to me, I will beat the ever-loving shit out of you. Then, beat the shit out of upper management with a lawyer who has five syllables in his name.

Another thing that is also is hard to believe is when you apply for a Security position, or even a Bus driver, you go through a thorough three-month federal and state background check. This involves the FBI checking on you, all that personal, secret information for all of them to see so that you can work for a $9.00 an hour position. Fascinating, isn't it? Just stop for a moment and think about the job you have and how they bypass a majority of background checking so you can get to work as soon as possible. You may ask yourself, Why people become Security Officers? Every Security Officer with a decent sense of right and wrong, and common sense know this is an excellent start to filling out your resume, if you plan to pursue a Law Enforcement or Legal career. Treat it like a small stepping-stone to something you plan for bigger in your life. Most young people, a Security position is a great way to get a start on Criminal Justice, Forensics, or any other type of Law profession. Nobody thinks that this type of work looks good on your resume, and it can help a great deal when in school, any Security position. All of them require that you learn certain rules and regulations for your assign posts. That alone can help you when learning the laws in your state or town you live in.

Not leaving the older generation out of the loop, older people are applying for Security jobs for the extra support of income because they damn well are not able to do anything else. When the shit hits the fan. For most, no matter if you have enough money after retirement to not work anymore. You can still get extremely bored sitting around the house all day. I know that some elders who do not have to work anymore, instead, they choose to. (Even if they really should stay home away from other people). That is something else about a Security job, it has longevity. True longevity. In most cases, all you have to do is keep your eyes open and be able to talk on a radio. In addition, if there are no complications while employed, you can be with the company for a long time while complimenting that monthly pension and Social Security.

Let us face it; there is no use in retiring nowadays with this economy. From the way today s young people look and sound, I am afraid of giving up any position I may hold for them to take over in the future. That is all for now, I will have more stories from other Officers from across this town for you to squirm at.